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We offer a CD full of poster images. 

To have all the posters on one CD makes it easier to view them.

The CD contains:

Posters from this entire site and pages and software to view them, plus 133 selected images in lossless PNG format (not on the web). This includes some detailed views on the best posters (resolution 1500x1125 pixels in the PNG format).
Unique and exclusive photos of propagandistic murals, left behind the Soviet army in an abandoned military town. Not on the web.
Recent additions - about 1000 photos of newly acquired Russian posters are included!
173 professional scans of the best posters - on this CD in screen resolution only - hi-res, 140MB scans available separately. 
700 scans of propaganda images from Soviet Magazines
There are also thousands of other Russian, Chinese and other posters in jpg format included (resolution often 800x600pixels)
Alltogether, there are 9600 pictures on the CD.

Price: US$ 49 + shipping (US$ 4).

Order (CD shipped immediatelly after receiving payment).

If You have anything to trade, I will consider Your offer.

Do You like these pages? Recommend our site to Your friends and get a chance to receive this Propaganda Posters CD for free! 

One time chance for the low budgeted ones- this CD for free!! Why? One CD is a bit defective - only 55% of images got recorded. The oldest CD-ROMs might not even be able to read it. We offer it for free - You only pay shipping.

PrintFinder offers six pages with Soviet Posters listings.

Over 80.000 posters and art prints of all kinds - gallery and sale at Allposters, inc.

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